My name is Edna Allen, I am the Executive Director of the Focus For Success Foundation (a 501 © 3. We are located in Pasadena, California. I myself came from a large family of 11 with a single family income. There were people out there with so much compassion, something that has really stuck with me. I have been driven ever since to help young youth at risk. I’ve been an educator and mentor for 20 plus years, with a Child Care-Volunteer work with County Parks and Recreation-Youth Specialist for teens 10 to 15 years of age. My true desire is to help our youth to focus for success. I believe our Focus for Success after school program, tutoring and Mentoring along with Fun; such as piano, dance and computer classes, as well as a book club and educational field trips. These activities will help our youth get off the streets and focus more on their academics.

Focus for Success Foundation was founded by an educator whose mission has been to provide quality, educational opportunities to pre-school and school aged minorities through primary education, homework, assistance and tutoring. The focus will be on the following:

1. Help kids retain information learned during the previous academic year
2. Help kids strengthen their misunderstanding of learned information from last and previous year
3. Help kids prepare for the new information they will be learning in the upcoming school year
4. Help kids remediate subjects and concepts from the previous school year (s)